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Hi my name is Ernie Monterrosa and this is my Digital Portfolio. I learned allot this semester and I had fun making lots of cool websites. I learned how to link my web site to anther web page also the pictures too. I learned how to make tables and to make the pictures fit inside them. I also learn that dream weaver is easier than XHTML. If you make on little mistake it can do a big affect on your website.

My entire website I done is very good to me but it may not be that good to someone else. My websites are amazing by the colors, pictures, and the topics. It was hard to do this but I did the very best I can do.

This semester I tried my very best and I did most of my work and had fun. This class is not easy but you can learn allot in this class. If you take this class you have to pay attention and hope that you do well and pass this class.