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A Web Site about me

Hi my name is Ernie Monterrosa and this is my web page. My top ten web sites are One for looking at skate stuff to buy cloths and shoes. Second one is to look at skate videos and listen to music. Third so I can check my mail. Fourth is for looking at teachers pages for homework. Fifth is for looking at the skate company’s items. Six is to upload my documents. Seven is to play games on the internet. Eighth is for sales on skate cloths. Ninth is for the skate company’s board and videos. Tenth is for looking at their skate videos.

Links to my top ten Web Sites

  1. CCS
  2. Youtube
  4. SUHI
  5. PlanB
  6. Anglfire
  7. Biilar
  8. Active
  9. DGK
  10. Element