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Complete Skateboard




The decks are wooden bords that are smooth with at least seven layers so it can support weight and no break easly, it comes with many designs on them.


Grip Tape:
The grip tape is place ontop of the board to hold your foot to not slide of but are smooth so that your can pop and flick the board.


Trucks: The Trucks are screwed to the board so that you are able to put the wheels and bearings so it can spin and stay in place. The trucks are medal that controls the board.

Hardware: The hardware are screws and bolts are the things that holds the trucks so that it is attach to the board.

Wheels: The wheels are the thing that hold the bearning so it can spin and are place on the trucks so the wheeles are smooth so it can be easier to ride in the streets.


Bearings: The Bearings are somthing medal that goes in the wheels so that it will make the wheels spin and the better the abecs the faster they go.


Riser(Optional): A riser is somthing that is place between the truks and the board it protects the board from getting presure cracks form the truks it is optional to get but many people don't use it that much.